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Teresa's Story

For those who don't know, Teresa is a small woman of just five feet, robust and always cheerful. She has eyes so clear that they recall the water of the sea on the shore, the crystalline one, but so deep as to suggest the cavities of the 'Ocean. This little woman had a destiny marked by poverty, misery and pain, but nevertheless she never wasted time having a good laugh and making those beautiful eyes shine.

Teresa likes good food, red wine and why not, sometimes a few cigarettes, but this is not the Teresa that everyone knows... Teresa was born and raised in a small village near the sea, in Calabria, which has little more than 1000 inhabitants. She has always lived in a poor house, consisting of a single room that served as both a kitchen and a bedroom and a bathroom, without heating or hot water and in winter the rain fell inside the house.

She ate what she could cook in those conditions or what some people from the country brought her. She did not have warm clothes for the winter or suitable shoes. Teresa was always sick, could not wash properly and was laughed at. Many people had tried in vain to help her over the years, but she was stubborn and never got help.

But one day, after some reports, the new parish priest of the country decided to adopt her, at the age of 65! The first months were tough for both of us, she couldn't get used to that new reality made up of little things like hot water, good food and a real bed. But with the love and patience of the parish priest and some fellow citizens, today Teresa has her own apartment, clothes and shoes (and even a bag! She never had before), she is cared for and washed and has a person to take care of her...

But more than anything else today Teresa has a Dignity, today Teresa has a Name, she has a Face, and she has Love ... Today Teresa is 69 years old and she is a Free and Happy woman, she is invited to weddings and parties, she is always first queues to attend mass and finally has a life.

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Stefania's Story


20 years.


Blonde until she took the razor in her hand.

Blue eyes until they went out.

1.75 tall until her legs were straight.

55kg until he met an enemy cortisone and its drug allies.

Six closet doors until he started using only pajamas (but always matching).

Nice as long as there was a smile.

Laziness the righteous.


Only child but with few vices.

Courage without knowing it.

Stefania was part of a large family, that of malignant osteosarcoma born on 4 August 2015 under the sign of cancer.

From Stefania's desire to tell her battle against “Lui” the facebook page “Noi o Lui?” Was born, in which day by day Stefania wrote what happened to her and what she wanted to share with those who followed her. After his death the page was renamed to “Noi o lui?- Associazione Stefania Restuccia” in which memories and everything organized to help research are shared.

One of the association's latest projects concerns another desire of Stefania, namely that of writing a book so as not to be forgotten. And so, through the memoirs of father Domenico and mother Maria, the association succeeded in the enterprise by publishing "Noi o Lui - La battaglia di Stefania ”, which deals with its history from 2015 to 2017 between Rombiolo (Stefania's hometown) and Rome.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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The book is available on Amazon for only € 9.90. It tells the memories of Stefania and of those who were close to her. Is a blast from the past, painful but useful for all those people who find themselves in similar situations

One of the photos of Stefania during her battle with cancer. Always with a smile and joy in his eyes.

Anna's Story

Anna is a woman with a capital D, a woman who was able to take what she wanted by fighting against everything and everyone. Despite being humiliated, for her passions and exploited by the power of others, Anna still achieved her goals.

Anna today is a teacher with 5 degrees behind her and many years of experience. Pedagogist and writer, highly esteemed consultant and collaborator of the newspaper for the humanistic and pedagogical-social sector, Member of FIABASCUOLA and FIABA messenger for Tuscany for the FIABA Onlus Association, Vice President of the "Amici del Molise" of the cultural association "La Famiglia Molisana ”in Rome.

Anna is all this, but not ONLY this ...

Anna is eyes as deep as the ocean, full of ambitions, passions and dreams. It is a spontaneous, luminous and sweet smile, capable of warming any heart, even the most icy one. It is a big and willing heart for love and be loved, a gentle and sometimes impetuous heart, the impulsive heart of a girl but mature of a woman ...

Anna is a thousand sufferings but also a thousand victories. Anna is the one who has chosen transgression as a way out for a happy life, she has chosen to be free from prejudice and social oppression and today Anna has finally taken what she wanted.

She is an independent woman, free and above all happy to be who she is.

Anna is actually a stage name, the pseudonym of a man, a man who gave everything to be himself, a man to whom they have closed doors in his face, who has been trampled on and blamed and from whom they have taken everything away, one can take away from a human being his or her dignity.

Before being Anna she went through dark times, she was in therapy to get to know herself and face the world.

Today Anna eats the world bite-sized and lives her homosexuality normally, as it should be.