The first multi NFT collection focusing on telling the hidden stories behind every woman.

The "Womankind Collection" is the set of collections that will came out during the 2022 year, so each piece represents an aspect of the collection to which it belongs.

By buying a piece you will get one for free from the collection to which it belongs.

Single Editions

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Womankind Artworks

Rainbow Space

Rainbow Space represents the "Space Women Collection" that is a small collection consisting of only 6 pieces, but in those few there is all the inner vision of my spaces... When I'm sad I do like Cindy, who projects herself into the candy space, when I'm inspired I go to the rainbow space like Lorrein... Each of us has places where he takes refuge, some of mine are those represented in this collection.

Black Panther Woman

Black Panther Woman represents the "Animal Women Collection" that is a collection designed to raise awareness about animal extinction. Today, many of the existing species are on the brink of the precipice, particularly the vertebrates. 21% of bird species, 27% of mammal species and 36% of amphibian species… These numbers are crazy and the various causes are, among all, the destruction of natural habitats, illegal trade, over-exploitation of of resources, climate change and pollution. We don’t have much time left and nor to them.


Anita represents the "Blonde Women Collection" that is born after the "Red Hair Women Collection", because I would create a collection for each hair color. For paying homage to all red women, blondes, browns, darks, with rainbow hair, and all those who don’t identify with any of these genders/colors! For the moment let's start with the “blonde women”, stay connected to discover all the others, and always remember that it is not our colors that define us, but the people we are inside!

Petrol World

Petrol World represents the "Women for the Planet Collection". Now it is no longer a hidden truth, you know, our planet is dying. With this collection I wanted to represent some of the various causes of the planet's death, such as pollution and its various types: atmospheric, thermal, water, marine, soil .... we must open our eyes, guys, and being more responsible and aware of our actions, we don't have much time to save him.


Luisa represents the "Women from the Globe Collection". With this collection I hope to make you a nice tour around the world. In this pandemic period, travel is a risky thing, but dreaming is not forbidden! From China to Pakistan, to Brazil passing through my beloved Italy... We will cross different cultures and countries, with different styles and colors. Hope you enjoy the tour!

Ve Woman #1

Ve Woman #1 is a piece from the "Women for Ve Collection" that is a collection created to pay homage to the great Vechain family, to thank them for their support given to me in my first experience. These women aim to introduce more and more people to Vechain's family and why not, to support people like me who started this year!


Venere comes from the "V-Women Collection". This is a particular collection, created in a moment of particular confusion, as you can read in my story... There is no single style, as you can see, and not even a common goal for all women. I decided to include these pieces as well as they highlight my progress and failures. Some have a strong personality like Vènere, others milder, like Vanessa. But each person has a stronger and a more sensitive part within him and this collection represents all my facets, which, like everyone's, are faded and not definable, not labelable.


Andrea, from the "Street Women Collection", represents a collection that was born above all to bring a bit of pop to the dance floor! These beautiful women come from the street and love the street, Andrea is a hip-hop dancer who loves to dance in 'Lombard street' in her beloved San Francisco, Carmèn is a flamenco singer who sleeps by day and gives her soul in the evening in ' Avenida de Mayo ', Argentina... Get involved in the flow!


Alessandra represents the "Warrior Women Collection" that is a collection designed for all those women who face battles in life, in this case we have chosen to address the issue of the fight against cancer. Very often these women feel less feminine, that by losing their hair they have lost their beauty, but that's not the case! because every woman is beautiful in her own way and above all beauty is internal, remember that... With this collection I want to pay homage to all these women and tell them that they are incredible, warriors, in fact.


Khaleesi comes form the "Nature Women Collection", a collection created from the love for uncontaminated nature, from the desire to return to being one with animals and mother nature herself .. These women are not represented in full as the others to give more space to the natural world. The presence of ferocious animals, at ease, within this collection and the woman almost enclosed in a "cage frame" also means the obviously subverted roles that exist today in our society.