The various trips I have made have allowed me to meet many people who are different from each other but with one goal: to break down gender stereotypes.

This collection represents the abolition of gender borders. These women are represented dressed in clothes that are considered "masculine" precisely to underline our mission: there are no longer feminine or masculine clothes, there is the desire to dress and be whatever we want! I do it by looking for some of the best known routes in the world

Are you ready to go?

Dalila is an architecture student who roams the streets of her hometown, Berlin, all day, looking for inspiration for her cutting-edge projects. His favorite place to think and sketch is definitely the famous Unter den Linden boulevard.

Andrea is a tireless hip-hop dancer, he puts his heart and soul into everything he does and loves to dance even in the rain. She dances everywhere, in the shower, while cooking, when she goes shopping. Her favorite place remains the sidewalks of New York, which overflow with life.

Felisia is an aspiring model, she lives in Quebec City and likes to go around the shops of her city. But above all she loves having photo shoots done at the magnificent Chateau Frontenac.

Lora is a street artist from Miami,. Her only rule is to do better than the day before. She never gives up even if very often her murals are canceled, but she does not give up and makes new and more beautiful ones. One of her favorite places to find inspiration and vibrancy is Ocean Drive, how to blame her!

Sof'ja is a girl who apparently seems shy, cold and a little dark, but who doesn't seem so if she lives in St. Petersburg? But Sofia is none of this, on the contrary she is a very sweet girl who goes for a walk every day along Nevskij prospect and sitting on a bench reads her beloved "Ana Karenjina" ... how romantic.

Michaela is a forest guard always ready for action, she does not rest for a moment and has an unrivaled willpower. Her job is risky but she loves it, and loves the place where she works, the Kakadu National Park, Australia.

Giada is a basketball player who never gets tired of playing another game and she does it in her beloved Ringstrasse, one of the most famous streets in Vienna. Even today a woman dressed in "masculine" clothes or playing "masculine" sports is defined as a tomboy. the purpose of this collection is to break down this kind of boundaries.