January - April

Mission #1

The key word for this mission is "ZERO BORDERS". Even today in our society there are boundaries that seem impassable such as a man wearing a skirt, a person asking for help for his mental health or asking for help in a moment of difficulty... All these things in 2022 are still seen as taboo. We want to bring them down.

Space Women
The document published by the World Federation of Mental Health addresses the issue of depression, a problem that now represents a global crisis, Depression, according to the WHO, afflicts more than 350 million people of all ages and in every community in addition to other problems such as PTSD, social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder. You are not alone, ask for help!

Street Women
This collection represents the abolition of gender borders. These women are represented dressed in clothes that are considered "masculine" precisely to underline our mission: there are no longer feminine or masculine clothes, there is the desire to dress and be whatever we want! Long live the unisex !!

Very often confusion leads us to make choices that could be considered wrong in life, such as doing a job we don't like, saying yes when we would like to say no, living a life that is not ours ... The V-Women represent my confusion. Of style, of goal, of life. Try everything you like to try and never live the life of others, we have only one chance to be happy and we must use it to the fullest!!

Mission #2

The key word in this mission is "AWARE". With these three collections we want to make people aware of: climate change, the fight against cancer and animal extinction. Awareness is the best weapon we have these days and we must use it best!

Warrior Women
According to what we read in the pages of the magazine CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, where this document was published, in 2020 there were about 19.3 million new cases of cancer in the world and about 10 million deaths due to the disease.

The increase in breast cancer diagnoses in countries that until recently almost did not know the disease once again underlines the importance of adopting healthy habits and behaviors in cancer prevention.

Animal Women
The last 540 million years of Earth's history have seen five mass extinctions. Scientists believe we are currently in the midst of the sixth - the extinction of the Anthropocene - which sees human activity accelerating the rate of species loss.

Wildlife populations have declined globally by an average of 68% since 1970, while 51% of all native species are classified as endangered, near threatened, or already extinct.

Women for the Planet
The environmental risks considered are pollution, ultraviolet radiation, climate and ecosystem changes, noise, construction, agriculture and people's behavior. Diseases caused by these factors include respiratory infections, asthma, cardiovascular disease, as well as injuries and developmental disorders of the nervous system. The data indicate that in all countries the health of the population could improve considerably by reducing environmental risks: worldwide 13 million deaths could be avoided every year.

Mission #3

The key word of this mission is "INCLUSION". Never before has we heard so much about this word, but it is still not widely used in the practical sense. People of color, Roma, Muslims, are just some of the peoples targeted by racism... But not only that, the term inclusiveness has such a broad meaning that it can be used on several fronts and I have chosen three: culture, the nature and color of the hair.

Women from the Globe
It is not enough to eliminate the word "race" to eliminate racism, on the contrary, there is the risk that the elimination of the term reduces the attention required towards a structure of domination intrinsic to the system. With this collection I wanted to represent some of the cultures of the world, to take you on a journey that goes from Africa to Russia, from Brazil to Italy... The world is a wonderful place thanks to the people who live there, we should become aware of this and to live all in peace as one big family.

Nature Women
Protecting nature as a woman derives from the fact that in Chinese culture (but not only) it is considered a creature to be defended. But that's not the theme of this collection. These women are not fully represented like the others to give more space to the natural world. The presence of ferocious animals, at ease, within this collection and the woman almost enclosed in a "cage frame" also signifies the obviously subverted roles that exist today in our society.

Blonde Women
Hairism is the term used to identify discrimination based on hair. Gender discrimination is flanked by political discrimination, and the affirmation of one's own identity. For many people a different hairstyle can be crucial to face everyday life. For example, a person with shaved and/or colored hair may seem unprofessional or a person with red hair has been considered evil and without morals since ancient times. A person's hair is a fundamental part of his identity, let's do it however we want!


This mission is different from the others. Here the key word is "GROWTH". Let's help the VeChain community grow!

Women for V-Chain
This collection was designed and created to thank the VeChain family for all the support they have given me since the beginning. is a small collection dedicated to the community. Let's make it grow and support all small projects like mine!