Mission & Values

We firmly believe that women and men, uniting and respecting each other, pursuing a common goal, can reach unthinkable goals.

"A relationship of friendship, whether between men or between women, is always a relationship of love. And in a caress, in an embrace, in a handshake there is sometimes more sensuality than in the real act of love."

(Dacia Maraini)

Our vision is to help as many people as possible.

Our mission is to share stories, the common stories of each of us to benefit and learn from them.

Exchanging ideas, opinions, but also information, market opportunities and projects are all the steps of this community.

How can we do this?


Through your stories we can not only help more and more people to be aware that they are not alone, but also to share experiences and advice so as to give concrete help to anyone who needs it.


We want to be transparent and tell our path to show how it is possible to achieve results when we come together to achieve a common goal.


We don't want to create an élite, we want everyone to feel part of the community and that everyone is free and comfortable sharing their experiences.

Do you want to help us help people? Share your story!

Write us to the email: 3y3sartist@gmail.com